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Not dead!

Holy crap, it's been so long since I posted anything, anywhere, I'm almost afraid to. Other than my Yuletide letter, I haven't posted since April last year. Which is ridiculous.
I'm still alive!

Life's been hectic and, on a personal level, pretty shitty, which is probably why I stopped posting. A lot of people like to share their problems online, and I'm always happy to offer help and support to my friends, but when it happens to me, I tend to retreat into my shell. And things were bad for a long time.

I think I'm a different person now. Or, at least, my view of the future is different. Lots of reasons, but *shrug* nothing I can really share.

So, what have I been up to?

I published City of Rain my first novel. The link is to the physical book which is print on demand, but you can also get the ebook from Amazon (much cheaper). If you've read my most recent TS fic (in the 2013 Sentinel Big Bang), it's essentially the same story. I didn't 'file the serial numbers off' a fanfic; it's closer to the reverse, actually - it's an original story that happens to work really well as a Sentinel AU.

Speaking of Sentinel, [ profile] sentinelbigbang is pretty much the only place I have been posting as I'm still running that challenge with Patt. We post this year's stories in November. We also did an Almost Human big bang this year and I co-wrote a story with Patt for that one: Running on Empty is at AO3.

Work has been...well, I still have a job. Around the time I quit posting I was starting to look elsewhere. Toward the end of last year the job got really bad - problems on the team, a lot of uncertainty, backstabbing and suchlike. It's a lot better now, but we're still short staffed and struggling. Still, I have a job, and it's secure which is more than many people in my hometown can say. The town is really struggling - there's a lot of building work in the city centre which we're told, when it's finished, will regenerate the city. I rather suspect it will be too late. This city is dying.

When I last posted, they'd been filming Doctor Who close to where I live. That was Matt Smith's last season. The flashbacks to Clara's childhood - where her parents met, the cemetary and the park where the Doctor saw her as a child - those scenes were all within an easy walk of my place. I'm also 90% sure the interior of the house where Clara lived when she first appeared was also filmed nearby - just the interior, not the outside. I could be wrong about that, but I think it was. Whenever they're filming nearby the support staff set up near where I work - not just DW, there are several shows that film location stuff around here. Sometimes I can tell which show; sometimes it's one I don't recognise.

I didn't manage to get tickets for the DW world tour but I was in Cardiff the day it kicked off - Daleks and Cybermen in the street, and a freaking huge crowd. I've been quite disappointed with the show this season, though. I may change my mind when we get to the end. I have before. It's not Capaldi's Doctor - I think he does a great job - but the episodes don't quite work for me. Even the good ones are missing something I can't put my finger on.

I'm also watching...

Criminal Minds
Game of Thrones (I finally caught up!)
Once Upon A Time

There are a couple of others I watch on-and-off (Agents of SHIELD, Bones, Hannibal) but those are my main ones right now. I sorta drifted away from Vampire Diaries and I no longer watch Supernatural. Have been re-watching old favourites but have yet to find a new obsession. Except Guardians of the Galaxy if that counts. I saw that four times and am tempted to make it a fifth while it's still in the theatre. Best movie I've seen in ages! I want a dancing baby Groot so bad!

Oh, also, I discovered Comicbookgirl19 on YouTube. I first stumbled on her Game of Thrones stuff, but I've watched most of her back-catalogue now and she's brilliant. If you're into genre TV or movies you've got to check her out!

That's my last year in a nutshell. I will try to post more often, I promise. If anyone's still reading, that is. Wouldn't blame you if you're not. 18 months of silence is too much.

This is me, now:

Last week I...bought a new bed! It is to be delivered on Thursday. I have no idea how
I'll get my current bed out of the room, but I have two days to figure it out. Getting the new one in will be easy as it's a steel frame flatpack.

Last week's movies were...Gone Girl and Dracula Untold. I enjoyed both, though Gone Girl is unsettling in ways it shouldn't be and Dracula Untold doesn't work once you start thinking about it. But that's the kind of film where you unhook your brain and just sit back and be entertained. On that level, it's good.

This week I am reading...The Broken Window by Jeffrey Deaver. I enjoy this series of novels but in the books Lincoln Rhyme is white. He was played by Denzel Washington in the movie (The Bone Collector) and I can't picture him any other way.

This week I am listening to...Broken Soul audiobook by Faith Hunter, read by Khristine Hvam. Another series of novels I really enjoy.
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Hi! :)
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*waves hello* Denzel!Lincoln Rhymes is my head canon too - he was so fantastic. It was a brilliant casting.

I just got a new bed! The bed guy came and built it in my house, so I didn't have to worry about setting it up, which is great, because I'm useless at that. And it's so nice! I've been lolling around on it, enjoying the luxury of a bed that doesn't sag or walk itself across the floor.