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A couple of great articles in this morning's press.

In The Independent, Johann Hari on 'sympathetic' portrayals of sexual abusers in fiction. He's talking mostly about child abuse and Alan Bennett's plays, but his point applies more generally, too...and is a damn good point that can't be made often enough. (Content may be triggering - and the comments are okay right now but probably won't stay that way.)

And on a similar note, in The Guardian, Patrick Stewart writes about living with domestic abuse. Yes, that Patrick Stewart. He's done a lot of work in this area, so some may be familiar with his story, but the article is painfully honest and damned brave. (Again, content may be triggering for some.)
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Okay, for a subject line, that's terrible. But it kinda sums up this post. So...

Cut because I'm just whining about life and you probably don't want to read it )

In more positive news...

Wednesday I'm travelling up north to take part in an LGBTT awareness event in our Liverpool office. The diversity team in the Liverpool office mean well, but they haven't a clue about LGBTT issues. When our organisation first started setting up the various diversity network groups they told us there are no gays in Liverpool. It's not even prejudice, just pure cluelessness.

So my job is to talk to anyone who is willing to listen and hope I can convince some of their closeted staff that setting up a network group is to their advantage. It'll mean an overnight stay in my favourite city, which is cool, though I don't think I'm going to have time for sightseeing, and I know I won't have time for a night out. If I'm lucky I'll grab a couple of hours to troll the bookshops, though.

And next week I've got a sort-of date. I seriously doubt it'll go anywhere but it's kinda cool to even think it could. There's a performance of the Vagina Monologues at the Riverfront theatre, and we both wanted to go so we're doing that and having a meal first. Knowing K, it'll end up being sandwiches at Starbucks. But what the hell.
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They just posted that fandom and fiction LJs that were deleted will be restored. Good news!

On the other hand, [ profile] innocence_jihad collected a list of deleted journals and comms in this post. A quick glance down the list shows the freaking huge number of unnecessary deletions (they're the ones with no strikethrough).

Oh, boy, did they screw this one up!
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