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As nice as it is to see Gme of Thrones win big at the Emmy's, there are other (and dare I say possibly superior) shows out there. It would be nice if there were just a tad more variety in the awards. On another subject, I've been conducting a wee experiment on Twitter. It goes like this: see a "promoted" tweet (aka spam), immediately block the account that sent it. Unless it's from one of the few organisations I already follow. Rinse and repeat ad nauseum. Hardly a scientific method as I'm a cohort of one with no control group, but the best I could do. I had the faint hope that Twitter would eventually run out of advertisers to spam me wih, but so far that hasn't happened. Neither have I discovered a secret limit to the number of accounts you can block, which is kind of impressive. Some interesting results: Naturally, blocking one spam-tweeting (spweeting?) account doesn't block other promoted tweets (if only!). But it does seem that, after a while, they stop appearing for the day as long as I keep Twitter running in the background and don't reload. Most days it takes between 4 and 6 blocks before my timeline looks clean. Some days are more stubborn. Amusingly, every six weeks or so I seem to hit a critical mass and Twitter runs out of English language ads to show me. Instead I get a steady stream of promoted tweets in a different language for up to a week before English re-appears. The new language is consistent until replaced by English. So far I've had Spanish, French and most recently German. (When I get a language I can't even identify I'll consider the experiment a success!) I tried not blocking the foreign language accounts (ads are less irritating if I can't understand them) but I still got English back after a week. Very occasionally (twice since I began running this experiment roughly six months ago), I get a spam-free day! I conclude it's worth continuing to block for this reward. Also there's more spam in the twitter apps than if you access twitter using a browser. So I uninstalled the apps and bookmarked the site instead. I suspect that, since I have to click the account in order to block it, this translates as revenue for Twitter. This may be counter-productive, but if it's the price of screwing with them, I'm satisfied.
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Please help me, all-knowing flist.

What is a hush puppy?

To me it's a shoe, and that's what I get when I Google it but I'm getting the feeling it's food. Or am I seriously mis-hearing dialogue in US TV shows lately?

Also - my workplace is introducing a bag search policy. I need suggestions for something I can carry in my bag that'll make them regret it if they pick mine to search. (I don't mean mousetraps; I'm thinking like gay porn or something. I don't embarrass easily, but most of the security guys are old men and this policy is bloody offensive.)
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I keep reading that you are statistically far more likely to die in a car accident than in a plane crash. But does this oft-quoted statistic take into account how often we do these things? Most people drive every day...I don't know anyone who flies that often. (Superman does not count.)

If we calculate those odds based on each journey instead of a lifetime what would happen? I suspect planes would still win on safety but not by much.

Drive by

Sep. 22nd, 2012 11:09 am
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Drive by 'cause I'm rushing now in the hope of making it to Cardiff in time to see a film. At this point, any film will do!

Had to help Mum with shopping this morning as Sis is away for the weekend and she can't do it alone even without a cast on her arm. I went ahead to visit the gym first and met Mum at Tesco. After my workout I was desperate for breakfast and got a sausage muffin from Tesco's cafe. It was horrible. First time in my life I've sincerely regretted not going to MacDonalds instead.

Never again. Anyhow, must rush.
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It's been a busy month. Hell, it's been a busy year!

There's been some family drama which I'm not going to share, but it's the main reason I went silent for a while. I tend to do that; if something's going on I know I don't want to talk about, I find it hard to talk about *anything*.

But there's good stuff, too.

I have a shiny new PC. My former desktop has been hanging on to life by a thread for some time now. I still need to rescue some stuff from the hard drive but once that's done I can let her go to Silicon Heaven. She's earned it. My new PC is super-fast and has a 2TB hard drive! I caved and bought Microsoft Office to go with it. I've been using OpenOffice for a long time, but we use MS Office at work and I just love some of the features that OpenOffice doesn't have. Especially in Excel.

I also acquired a bicycle - and have already fallen off it once. Actually, once is a pretty good score for me. My balance is horrible and we have a lot of hills around here. But I twisted my knee when I fell. It's not bad, but others have noticed I was limping yesterday. I am a clumsy idiot.

I have sort of finished my story for [ profile] spn_summergen. Sort of in that it works as a story, but the ending is a bit, um, non-endy. That's not a real word, but hopefully you get my drift. I'm going to try to add a bit more to give it more of a firm conclusion, but it'll be fine as-is if necessary. It's a "missing scene" kind of thing so canon supplies an "offscreen" ending.

I also - somehow - have written about 2,300 words of a Sentinel cyberpunk AU. Don't ask me where that came from. I don't read cyberpunk and have only seen it on film and TV in fairly dilute forms. I just got this scene in my head and had to write it. Blair is a dealer of illegal tech; Jim is a buyer - he wants to use tech to control his senses, which have been going crazy on him. What I've written is just the setup - atmosphere, world-building, and Jim and Blair's first meeting. Whether it'll turn into an actual fic is anybody's guess at this point. I don't even know what Jim does for a living, except he's not a cop (can't be, if he's seeking illegal tech). I won't post any of it, at least not yet. If it works out, I'll save it for next year's big bang. If.

I'm settling in to the intranet manager job. The software is so slow it's frustrating and our IT department is useless, but the job itself suits me well. It appears to be permanent for least as much as anything is. There's been no talk of advertising the post, anyway.

I am feeling an itch to bake something this week. Carrot cake, maybe? I don't know why, but baking cake seems to make most things better.
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D'you remember Blockbusters - the quiz show with Bob Holness? It was the early evening quiz show when I was in school, and I remember it well.

They - meaning various cable TV production companies - have tried to revive it several times since it went off the air; the latest attempt is going to be on Challenge later this year. Anyhow, Sis got tickets to be in the audience for the final show of the season. Actually, it was kind of a weird deal - she wants to be in the audience for some other show, and to get tickets for that you had to go to this one. Evidently I was her last choice as a companion; none of her friends were interested. But we went up to London today for the filming, and we had a blast!

Simon Mayo is the quizmaster, which I didn't think would work - the guy is a DJ - but he did a fair job of it. Being the last ep it was a celebrity special. Um, I don't know if I can remember everyone as despite the 'celebrity' label I haven't a clue who some of them were. Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee - Paul didn't manage to answer a single question. As far as I could tell he didn't even attempt to buzz once. Fatima Whitbread teamed with, uh, Kevin something or other from some boy band. Andy James...I think he's a music person, too. And Konnie Huq (ex of Blue Peter). The format was identical to the 90's version - team of two vs a solo player. The graphics are a bit more slick, but otherwise it looked about the same. Sis and I had front row seats, so I'll have to look out for it when it airs (they didn't tell us when it would be - only 'later this year'), just in case.

Fun day.

Random bits

Feb. 6th, 2012 07:43 pm
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I've strained a muscle in my left arm. I have no clue how - in my sleep, maybe as I first noticed it hurting on Saturday morning. I thought a couple of days rest would sort it but I really felt it at the gym today. Not agony, but enough to slow me down on the equipment where I'm using those muscles. Anyhow, I had a chat with the trainer and I'm just going to skip those machines on the circuit this week and see how it goes. Annoying, as two of those are my favourites.

I saw two movies this weekend.

Man on a Ledge which is pretty much what it says on the tin. Refreshingly non-sexist (one scene of gratuitous stripping aside) and well made. I understand they didn't green-screen it, so SW really was on that ledge for big chunks of the filming. I mean, obviously with a ton of safety equipment, but still, that's impressive. That aside, though, it's got very few surprises and is pretty generic. Recommended if you're into the heist genre, otherwise wait for the DVD.

The other movie of the week was Young Adult. Now, this had two elements that guaranteed I was going to love it: it's written by Diablo Cody and it stars Charlize Theron. Diablo Cody wrote Jennifer's Body which I loved and also Juno and TV series United States of Tara which I enjoyed a lot. Charlize Theron is sexy as hell, but I love that she isn't afraid to make herself ugly on film. The combo...bound to be good, right?

Well, I wasn't disappointed. CT plays Mavis Gary, an author of Young Adult novels and functioning alcoholic, who gets it into her head to go break up the marriage of her high school boyfriend when she gets the announcement of the birth of their child. The story unfolds with a subtlety I haven't seen before from Diablo Cody. Spoilers! ) Billed as 'dark comedy' it's certainly not rom-com, but does have some of those elements. Well worth the price of admission.

This week I hope to find time to make carrot cake. It's a wee bit of an experiment - I figure if I halve the quantities in the recipie I can bake it in my loaf tin. I'll have to be careful about time in the oven; I'm not sure how long it'll take with half the quantity but I think it'll work.

Oh, hey, I got caught up on SPN. The last few eps weren't bad...definitely an improvement on most of this season. Although I think it says all I need to about my dying love for the show that in this week's ep I was really, really rooting for the Amazon kid to have the balls to kill him. Or at least to survive the ep so she could have another try.

Um, anyone out there read spoilers? I'm just curious - are they planning to bring back Castiel at the end of the season or something? The way he keeps showing up in the "previously on..." segments makes me wonder.

Writing-wise I finally cracked the Christmas segment in my current WIP, so hopefully I can post the next chapter soon. It needs a bit of revision first, though. Thanks to everyone who is's good to know you guys are out there :)

Work is busy; I handed in drafts of two sets of analysis today but neither is finished. Hopefully I can top-and-tail them this week and hopefully I won't get a high-level presentation dumped on me again this time! I did my first event in our Titchfield office last week...six hours travel for two hours of work hardly seems worth it, and I definitely need to brush up on my facilitation skills. But it was quite successful. Next event is next Wednesday...why do these things always end up being on the day I like to leave early???
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New layout on LJ and DW. Nothing hugely creative - I've just used a standard theme with the right colours and replaced the original header with a photo, but it's the photo I want to show off. I took it with my phone, which is the best camera I have these days. It's a footbridge over the river Ebbw near my home, taken on a misty morning back in September.
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I did some shopping on my way home.

Tesco (don't judge me - it's the only store within walking distance) has snow shovels, sleds and rock salt/grit piled high at the entrance.

Snow is not forecast; nonetheless this troubles me. What do they know???
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...Just to wish you good luck and lots of inspiration if you're beginning NaNoWriMo tomorrow!

November is always a busy month for me at work, so it's not something I can do. Not in November, at least. But it occurred to me today: as I'm moving to a new department shortly, maybe next year I'll be able to give NaNo a try!

But that's a year away. For now - best of luck to everyone planning a novel for this year.
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...But I officially have a start date for my new job - 21st November. Three weeks later than I'd like, but it's good enough.

I spent this week mostly figuring out what I need to do before I leave. Thankfully, it's not too bad. The guidance notes are all in order; I just need to straighten a few things out. There's one big project I really need to finish before I leave, but that largely depends on other people doing stuff on time, so it's odds-on that won't happen.

At home, like Amber, puppy Ceris has undergone a name change. (Amber was Simba for two days before Sis decided that was a silly name for a dog.) Ceris has become Carys - because Mum got a disk engraved for her collar and the person spelled it that way. I would have made him do it over, but Mum evidently thinks it's less trouble to change the puppy's name. She may be right - they two names sound almost identical anyway.

Speaking of the puppy - here are some more pics )

Isn't she just the cutest? Tomorrow she's officially allowed to go outside as all her vaccinations will be effective. Today she learned to climb the I spent an hour puppy-proofing the baby-gate so Mum doesn't have to spend half her day searching the upstairs for a lost puppy. She still can't climb down :(

Strictly Come Dancing starts tonight! I loathe reality TV but Strictly is the exception and my guilty pleasure. I'm rooting for Russell and Flavia - could there be a more mismatched couple? But I'm betting they'll be fab.


Sep. 9th, 2011 05:37 pm
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It's been a weird week.

Work was hell, because it was publication day on Tues and the first time publishing on the new website. It wasn't quite a disaster. Part of the publication went out with the wrong date on it because that one component of the new web software reads the date in US format instead of UK. So what's I'd entered as 6/9/11 got translated as 9 June instead of 6 September. And it took most of the day to get it sorted because all changes have to be approved and - naturally - my bosses were in meetings all freaking day.


In other work news, the HR meeting to go over the transfer requests was due to take place today. My request was in the pile, I hope. I never got any acknowlegement from HR. With any luck, I'll hear something next week.


Today is the premiere date for Riley Parra season three. No, it's not a TV show - it's a series of stories written by Geonn Cannon. I provide the cover art and do the technical stuff. Season one is free to download from the site, or can be bought in paperback or Kindle format from Amazon. Season two is also now on Amazon: you can see the story summaries on the site but they're no longer downloadable from there. And season three begins today!

The Riley Parra stories are a mix of traditional detective story, gritty urban fantasy and lesbian romance: Riley is a detective in a world where demons and angels battle for control of her city, and she's right in the middle of the war.

This isn't intended as a sales pitch, but if you're interested here's the link:


I have a plot bunny forming for a Sentinel story. As if I don't have enough to do! Weirdly, this is inspired by an episode of Murder, She Wrote: it's practically on a constant loop on the Alibi channel and I've been watching it a lot, though I rarely manage to see a whole episode. Anyhow, in this particular ep, the murder took place in a crowded room, but in complete darkness (it was a rock concert, kinda, and the darkness was an effect at the end of a song). The killer had used flourescent tape on the victim's chair to give him something to aim at in the dark. My immediate thought was of Sentinel - had Jim been in the room, he would have seen it clearly, of course. But how could he ever prove what he'd seen when a roomful of witnesses would testify that it was pitch dark?

My idea is to structure the story as a courtroom drama, with what actually happened in flashbacks as each character gives their testimony. There would have to be some key piece of evidence they are still looking for during the trial that will let them prove what happened without Jim having to reveal his sentinel ability. I haven't thought much further than that, though and I'm really not good at mystery-type stories. Don't know if I'll be able to turn the idea into a story.


Aug. 30th, 2011 05:55 pm
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[ profile] spn_summergen is over for the year. Well...almost. I have two duties left: to post the master-list and to post the prompts which opens the free-for-all. Both of these will be done on Thursday, and then I'll be free to do other things.

I love summergen, but it exhausts me. My co-mod going awol without so much as a warning did not help, this year. I can do it alone - I did, and have before - but it's amazing how much pressure just a little help can lift off my shoulders. But this is about to turn into a moan, so I'll stop there.

I must remember to post my own list of faves, too. We had some brilliant stories this year. What I love so much about summergen is the amazing variety of stories that turn up: everything from hilarious crack!fic to heartbreaking moments, from plotty case fics to chilling horror, from sweet curtain!fics to clever crossovers.

Applications for transfer posts at work closed on Friday. Keep your fingers crossed for me, please. I know I'm perfect for the post I applied for (it's analysing website stats) but it's the kind of post where the manager likely already has a candidate in mind. If that's the case here my chances go down even if I'm better qualified. As it's a level transfer they don't even have to interview so I might not know until I get an offer, or not.

The Guardian posted one of those fun "test your knowledge" quizzes about the Twilight saga. I am amused as hell that they filed it under children's books. And slightly ashamed that I got 10/10. Damn my near-photographic memory! (for those who don't know - no I am absolutely NOT a fan. But how can I trash talk the books if I haven't read them?)

Crazy day

Jun. 7th, 2011 07:41 pm
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I had the most insane day at work today.

I can't really explain, because I don't think it would make sense. The short version is one of our really important servers developed a hardware fault and the morons who run our IT have absolutely no concept of "business critical". I spent the whole day in meetings or on the phone trying to get this concept across. Why me and not, say, a more senior manager? Because I got a double whammy. Not only was mine the only publication due out today, so the only one screwed by the failure, but I was still dealing with the faulty "upgrade" from last week.

I so need a new job.

I'm glad I have tomorrow off. I'm going to meet [ profile] krazykipper in Cardiff Bay and, well, do touristy stuff like search for an invisible elevator and spot pteradactyls. Or something.

I have finished my big bang story. As in, final, final draft all done and dusted. It's a long one - I'm actually not sure of the word count because Open Office and Word are giving me vastly different numbers. But it's over 50,000 words. Now I just have to wait for my posting date. This is always the hardest part of a big bang - the waiting to post. I wanna share this fic with everyone now. My date is July 6.

I signed up for [community profile] ladiesbigbang too. That's posting in October, which gives me plenty of time to finish up one or both of the SPN stories I have in mind. One is Kingdom Come which is a Mary-lived AU, prequel to Deliver Us From Evil. That one's almost finished (first draft) but it'll need some editing to make it work for [community profile] ladiesbigbang. The other is the sequel to the fic I'll be posting on July 6. I've written a lot of that one, too, but I'm really not sure about it. This is so far out of my comfort zone. LBB allows you to write two fics, so I might even submit both. We'll see :)

It's, I think, about five and a half weeks since my fall and I am beginning to worry about this ankle. I've given up the crutch but I still have a bad limp. Most of the time it's not painful, which is really good. But I have real difficulty on slopes, and this is a very hilly town. And I can't go down stairs. I can climb up, it's awkward, but I can. But down is just...I don't know. My foot won't bend that way.

Still, it's supposed to take 8-12 weeks to heal a serious sprain, so I shouldn't panic yet. I suspect I'll never wear high heels again, though. Which would be cool, except, it's bloody difficult to find women's shoes that aren't either trainers, flip-flops or high heels. I loathe trainers and flip-flops are really bad winter wear.

Oh! And a rec [ profile] phate_phoenix posted a SPN/White Collar crossover for sncross_bigbang. I don't read a lot of WC fic but I do watch it, and I enjoyed how this one mixes the two canons.
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I walked into work today. I'm in week 3 after my fall and I needed to know if I could make it on foot. It usually takes me 20-25 minutes, depending on the weather; today it took me 40. I expected that, but I think it was too early to try such a long walk. By the time I got to the bottom of the hill I was really struggling. For some reason walking on a slope is much harder, and going down is actually more difficult than going up. So I guess tomorrow I need to swallow my pride and ask Sis to drive me in again.

Oddly, I appear to have lost weight since my fall. You'd think with the lack of exercise if anything the opposite would have happened. I doubt it shows, but the belt does not lie :)

Other "me" news: Summergen assignments went out yesterday. I got the usual bounce-errors from perfectly okay email addresses: there always seems to be a random few that just will not go through no matter what I do. But it all works out in the end.

I decided to take part as a writer myself this year; I enjoy modding the challenge but I've missed writing for it. I counted myself out of that part in the past two years because of the time-factor: modding does take time and I was worried I wouldn't be able to fulfil an assignement, too. It would look really bad for the mod to default, wouldn't it?

But this year I'll do it. Of course, this meant I had to submit a set of prompts and assign someone to write for me. That's another issue, because I know it would intimidate me to get assigned the mod as a recipient...but hopefully the person who got my prompts isn't as paranoid as I am!

And in case that person is reading this post: please don't worry about whether or not I'll like your fic. If it even vagely fits one of the prompts I gave, and it's gen, I'm going to love it :)

Non-"me" news:

The FT reports that MacDonalds is going to replace its cashiers with touchscreen terminals in Europe. I can't help wondering if they'll build sound in, too. After all, what would a visit to MacEvil be without being asked if I want fries with that? I have to say, I do like this idea. I don't know what it's like elsewhere, but honestly I really loathe ordering anything at MacEvil. I mean, eating their food ain't much fun, either, but having to yell out my order because the backgound noise is so damn loud, then having to make the cashier repeat themselves over and over when they offer their pointless fries - for the same reason - is a horrid experience. A drive-through I don't need a car to use is about the right level for that particular chain.

And another weird headline: the Guardian reports on Stephen Hawkins' atheism...did anyone with an interest in the man or the subject not know this already?

Oh! But on a related point, I finally found an unabridged recording of The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins! I've wanted to read that for ages but for some reason I understand Dawkins far better in audio. I've tried reading some of his works that aren't available as audio and I find it really hard going. But the exact same words being read to me are crystal clear. My data absorption quirks aside, it's a fascinating book. Parts of it are a bit too mathematical for me: I'm left having to take a lot of it "on faith". But it's a much more optimistic view of evolution than I'm used to, closer to David Attenbrough than "nature red in tooth and claw". I need to listen a few more times, but I'm sold.

And the reason I'm bringing it up, [ profile] admiralandrea I know you've moved on from Numb3rs but there's a lot in this book about game theory and suchlike that you might enjoy, if you still have an interest. Dawkins is no Charlie Eppes, but he explains it clearly.

Good things

May. 8th, 2011 11:07 am
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Good Thing #1: Today I managed to walk all the way from my bedroom to the bathroom crutch-free!

Believe me, that's worth celebrating. I doubt I could have made it much further, and I'm still taking more painkillers than I like, but it's definitely progress.

I'm going back to work next week. Sis is going to drive me there, since I doubt I'm up to walking that distance. I'm not sure about the getting home part yet; Sis works pretty late so I think I'll either have to use a taxi or beg a lift from someone I work with. My manager already offered, but she tends to have a pretty full schedule of meetings and I suspect the wish will be stronger than the practical implementation in this case. But I'll figure something out.

Mum wouldn't let me leave the house this weekend, so I didn't get my weekly cinema trip. I won't be able to make Wednesday next week, either (sorry, Mel). There's some good stuff out right now, too. But next weekend I'm going if I have to climb out the bloody window. If only because I have got to get out of this house!

Good Thing #2: One good part of being laid up for a week is I got the spn_summergen match-ups done in record time. It was a tough job this year, too. I think it's getting harder each year, partly because participation is going down and partly because with each new year of canon there's more variety in the requests and offerings. If SPN goes to ten-plus seasons this will become impossible. I still need my co-mod to check over my spreadsheet, make sure I haven't done anything dumb like assign someone their own prompts (easier to do than you'd think). Then I can send them out. I love summergen. Modding stresses me out, but I love it. We get such fabulous stories every year! Every fandom should have one :)

Good Thing #3: Speaking of challenges, artist claims for spn_j2_bigbang just closed. My story was claimed in round one! (With the size of the challenge, this may not seem surprising, but this never happens to me. I don't tend to write the popular pairings or genres. SPN fandom has a real hate-on for het fic.) I'm really excited about it this year, too. Officially I don't know who the artist is yet, but of course I saw the claim (who doesn't watch, come on) and the art in her LJ is amazing. I can't wait to see what she comes up with for my story.

My fic is pretty damn dark (yeah, yeah, I know - quelle surprise, right?) and complicated; and with final edits it clocks in at 55,400 words...give or take.

I'm still dithering over whether to cut one scene from the fic that might skirt a bit too close to the wincest line for a het fic. Of course, the story was originally going to end as Sam/Dean, so that scene made perfect sense. I still think it does fit, it's just a small incident, the kind of thing guys do. (I think. Not being a guy and not having a brother I'm kinda going on what I've read and assumed.) But it feels odd in an SPN fic that isn't going down that road. Actually, I'd only have to lose 2-3 sentences to gen-ify it, but I like it the way it is. It's a funny moment, and I so rarely write comedy.

...and I'm 2,000 3,200 words into the sequel.
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It's been a HOT weekend, considering it's April. I think it was hotter today than we got any time last summer. I'm really hoping for a good summer this year; the last two have been wet and unpleasant most of the time.

I'm working on the launch of this year's spn_summergen; signups are due to open next week. I've also been going through the first round of edits on my big bang fic; There's less to change than I expected. A few things needed to be cut, and there were some scenes to add. I also got rid of some dangling plot threads, but as this is part one of a series (I suspect a trilogy, but it's not as well planned as Predator was so it could go several ways) there are some things not resolved by the end. That said, I feel it is very much a complete story. The end is an ending, then there's a short epilogue which sets up what will follow.

I'm going to need a beta soon. Anyone up for it? 55k, PG13-ish (maybe R, it depends), het-ish. Dark stuff, though.

With all the buzz about NBC's reboot of Wonder Woman I decided I needed to refresh my memory of the original '70s series. I was such a fan of that show as a kid, but I haven't really seen it since the early 80's. I'm partway through series 2.

You know, I'd forgotten how explicitly feminist the Wonder Woman character is. It makes sense that she would be, but I'd forgotten the details. Although it doesn't always work, I'm loving it so far. The fight scenes are laughable though. She just kinda shoves guys and they go down. Since the choreography is crap, mostly they go down before she shoves them! I keep wanting to yell at her to take lessons from Xena!

I'm kinda making a mental list of what I hope NBC will fix and what I hope they'll keep. No telling if the result will be close to the show I'm hoping for, but we'll see. It could be good. Anyone know when it's supposed to premiere?
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I really should update with something other than a movie review, shouldn't I? It's just that my life isn't all that interesting, especially when I'm between fandoms.

For UK folks: a friend at work introduced me to Graze. Essentially, it's mail-order healthy snackboxes. They're a bit pricey, if you compare it to Tesco or the local health food store, but I love the idea. There's a bunch of stuff on their website about energy and losing weight (and it's probably true), but honestly, I do it because it's fun. Each box contains four snacks, randomly selected based on your personal preferences. I have a lot of fun each time I open a box and am surprised by the contents. The snacks are tasty (great for vegetarians, not so great if you have a nut allergy, though). They're perfect for my mid-morning munchies, and I'm actually saving money, because I used to kill the munchies with a Starbucks coffee.

Anyhow, if you're curious, I've got a code you can use to try a free box: KMRB4FV3 (Full disclosure - I get a £1 credit for everyone who uses my code, but I wouldn't even offer it if I didn't think this is totally worth it.)


Mum's been ill lately. Some kind of stomach pain. Being an ex-nurse she keeps diagnosing herself; everything from gall stones to stomach cancer. Whatever it is, it's been bad enough to keep her awake at night, which has been disturbing my sleep, too. Not that I mind. She's seeing the doctor tomorrow.

Poppy's leg is getting worse. Sis wants to delay scheduling her op until the end of April because she's got leave then and can stay home with her. I understand, but it's hard to watch Poppy being in pain and limping. She's not limping all the time, but after she's walked she always comes home limping. She's still such a happy dog most of the time though.

We had a bit of a scare with Amber a few weeks back: she was really sick. Poor thing seems to be prone to these things, but on the plus side she's really good about taking her pills. I guess she's used to it by now.


Work is...frustrating. I've put myself on the list for transfer to another section. It's time I found a new challenge. This was a tough job to learn but I'm good at it now, and therefore bored. Because I'm bored, the minor frustrations seem worse and worse which is making me an unpleasant person to be around. I need to get out. I feel a lot better just getting my name on the list but a transfer could be a long time coming.


Writing is...better. My second SPN Big Bang story is almost done. The draft is going to need a lot of work but I'm happy with where it is. There was a story posted in summergen last year about Castiel and Lucifer being brothers, and what that meant. In spite of my loathing for all things angelic, the story stayed with me because it seemed to be making an obvious point that canon missed. In my story, that came back to me with a chapter in which Castiel is trying to explain to Dean and Sam what Lucifer is; I ended up with Cas getting to a point where he and the boys simply cannot understand each other - their perspectives on what 'family' means are so different. I think it works really well. I've got one last big battle scene to write and then the wind-up, and the first draft is done.

41,000 words, plus the stuff I've yet to type up. A good length for a big bang fic.

But I'm pretty sure I'll have to pull out of sncross_bigbang. No way in hell am I going to make the deadline on that one.


Land of Painted Caves is published tomorrow...and I've got two days booked off work so I can read it. Early reviews suggest it won't be the ending I was hoping for, but I'm sure I'll love it regardless. I just hope Amazon get my copy to me in plenty of time.


There you go. That's the state of me :)
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This weekend I...

  • Made a fish pie

    It turned out rather well. Three kinds of fish, poached with a glass of wine added to the stock, double cream in the sauce, loads of parsley and a light sprinkling of parmesan to top the potato. Good stuff :) Ask if you want the recipe.

  • Sewed the buttons onto my coat...again

    I have this gorgeous (fake) fur-lined leather coat I acquired a few years ago. Brilliant for wet or cold weather, but it's heavy. No matter how well I sew the buttons on, they have to be cut off and re-sewn after a couple of months of wear. Pushing a sewing needle through leather = not easy! But it's worth it for the coat.

  • Worked on my fic

    ...though not particularly successfully. I can't seem to settle down to write since recovering from that cold. I added about a thousand words to the Haven crossover but I'm sure I've got written notes for more than that and I couldn't find them. It's weird - I remember writing the stakeout scene but it seems to have vanished. I also got around to typing up the rest of my notes on another fic. I'm struggling a bit with where this one is going.

This week I must...

  • Do some work ready for spn_summergen

    I really want to bring the schedule forward this year so the posting period can be longer. Summergen is in danger of turning into Fall-gen if we don't. I have a few other ideas I want to put out there, too, which will hopefully improve the challenge.

  • Do some work ready for sentinel big bang

    Signups need to open in March. Eek - that means I've only got a month left to get my ducks in a row!

  • Do lots of boring work-stuff

    It's just that time of the quarter: results month. I was due to run results today but some joker had taken away my access! By the time it got sorted out, there wasn't time to do the job. I might have to work late a few nights now to get it back on schedule.

  • Write more

    ...which also means watch more, for research purposes. I've got to finish re-watching True Blood to get the other crossover fic clear in my mind. And I really should re-watch the early seasons of SPN. I could keep relying on the SPN Wiki when I need to refresh my memory but the episodes would be a better source.

  • Sort out finances

    Last on the list but most important! My own fault for buying that new hard drive, but I need to not spend on anything non-essential for a while.

Also, Poppy is limping again :( We knew she was going to need surgery on the other leg sooner or later, but evidently it's going to be sooner. Poor wee thing. But she recovered so well from the surgery last year, I'm hopeful. And once this is done, it's done - she shouldn't need any further treatment for this problem. Sis is going to arrange things for next month if possible.

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...a frail, old woman asks you for help and you're actually afraid to say yes.

Seriously: SPN has done a lot of good for me, but it's warped my mind, too.

This poor old woman was pacing in front of her door, desperate for someone to walk by and help her - there was an alarm going off in her house and she couldn't make it stop. Yes, I did stop and fixed her problem. But I think my new year's resolution should be no more watching shows that portray little old ladies as axe murderers!


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