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I've been working flat out on the re-write of my Jessica-centric story. I didn't think I'd get it done in time for [community profile] ladiesbigbang but if I can get some beta help I just might do it. I need someone who can give me some concrit about the story, not just a proof-read. Because this is nearly all in Jessica's POV, I need to know if the things Jessica doesn't know come across clearly - stuff like Sam trying to investigate a haunting while keeping his friends out of it.

So this is me begging for help again.

It's about 35,000 words, so I know this is a tall order, but if anyone has time to look at it for me by the weekend, I'll have time to submit a final draft for the big bang. If not...no harm. I'll just post it anyway outside of the challenge.

And, because I love a teaser... this is a snippet of one of my favourite scenes in the current draft )

Other fics - I've started four different short Inception fics over the past week, and finished none of them. It's not that I don't know the endings, either, it's just every time I sit down to pick up the thread of one I've already started, some new idea pushes in. I'm not usually this undisciplined in my writing...I'm not sure whether this level of inspiration is a good sign (yay!inspiration!) or a bad one (never-gonna-finish-a-fic).

ION...All my family but me are going away next weekend. I am being left home to look after the dogs. This is no hardship, though it'll be hard on them. I can't walk them properly because they're too used to being walked by the Useless Fiance. If I let them off the lead, they go searching for him and won't come back to me. But it'll be nice to have the place to myself for a few nights.

Also - Poppy is fully recovered from her snake bite (yay!). She's still got a scar, but she's all healed now.
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I did it!

4,000 words of Sentinel fic in three days. That ain't bad going.

It's a first draft and likely needs revisions, but I'm at least happy with this one.

I spent weeks struggling with the first fic I was going to write for this, and ended up with twice the word count, and barely six words of it worth reading. I scrap it, and a new fic idea damn-near writes itself. Sometimes it just works out that way. The biggest part of my writing process is my "back burner"; sometimes story ideas sit there for years before I put pen to paper. I guess this one was just ready to be written.

I can't say for sure when it will be posted, as a) it's not beta'd yet and b) my SC buyer is entitled to a period of exclusivity if she wants it, but Wild At Heart is J/B slash (but not porn), set in the Cry Wolf 'verse.
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I like writing long fic. Epic suits me as a writer. Somewhere between 20,000 and 50,000 words is about right, depending on how complex the plot may be. My Stargate SG-1 epic AU Phoenix ended up around 120,000; that's the longest single story I've ever written.

But writing a long fic takes time. Posting a WIP is hazardous; lack of comments on a WIP is discouraging, and there's the danger of running out of steam at some point and leaving the story unfinished. Lack of comments doesn't bother me so much on a completed story, but when it's a work currently in progress it feeds my insecurities. It shouldn't, but it does. On the other hand, waiting until I have a finished story to post means not posting anything for a long time. Working on my two big bang fics meant The Exiles is the only fic I've posted this year.

Anyhow. That's not quite the point. I have two SPN bunnies haunting me right now. In the past week I've written the beginning of both, but I can't possibly work on both simultaneously. And both stories have the potential to exceed Phoenix in complexity...and therefore in length. Man...I shouldn't even be starting one long fic with my uni course going on and other commitments.

But I figure it won't hurt to talk about the ideas, and maybe posting this will help me figure out what to do.

cut for length )
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Ugh. I was sick most of last week and not really up to posting. I've been reading LJ, but I had to keep stopping myself from commenting: I've been really cranky and none of you guys deserved me taking that out on you. (It was nothing serious: just a 24 hour bug, actually, but it took my stomach a week to recover. If it has. Jury's still out, I think.)

So this is a quick catch-up post of all the things I've been thinking about saying in the past week.

Why is no one on my flist talking about the new Flash Gordon? Okay, it's not exactly the greatest thing on TV but I'm really enjoying it. I see...I see potential. There are a lot of good ideas in there, but the writers (and the actors) aren't fully filling the potential of those ideas. I think Flash is my new Mutant X: something I can watch for fun, and not have to think too hard about it.

Supernatural - rocks. There's so much I want to say about the last few episodes but I can't get my thinky thoughts into any kind of order. I am a little nervous the show is heading in a direction similar to the first fandom that broke my heart; I don't think I could bear that. But so far, so good. I'm loving it.

On the subject of SPN a quick PSA: SciFiNow magazine (issue 8) claims on the cover that it contains a Supernatural article. Or something. It's small print, under the "spoilers" part. Well, maybe I've got a page missing from my issue but I couldn't find anything SPN in there. Certainly not a full article or even a decent review. This isn't the first time they've done that: the ad for issue 6 claimed there would be a Supernatural feature, but all they printed was a review of the S2 DVDs. Not a particularly good review, either: my guess is the reviewer didn't even bother to watch it. So if y'all are tempted to buy it for the SPN content, save your pennies. (That said, there are other great articles in there. It's worth the price - I just wish they'd quit lying about SPN!!!

I spent money I don't have treated myself to the complete Xena box set (UK version, that is) a few weeks back. It's not the "ultimate" collection it claims to be, just a re-packaging of the same discs already issued. Which means no extras, and worst of all (for me) no subtitles. But I never buy DVDs for the extras; half the time I never even watch them, so I'm happy. The packaging is pretty and it takes up much less space than my old VHS collection, which can now go to the charity store.

I started a new fic... )

Rocky had surgery today to remove a growth on his leg. It's not malignant. He's part staffordshire terrier and apparently the breed is prone to these growths when they get old and they're harmless, but it had been hurting him, so we opted to get rid of it. He came through okay, but (naturally) he's miserable now. The vet recommended we make him wear a t-shirt so he won't worry at it: he looks a right prat.

Tomorrow Amber has her surgery - she's off to get neutered. So tomorrow she'll be the miserable one. Poor thing. She's always been all excited when she's at the vets - that's so gonna change now.

I guess that's enough for one post. If I owe you an email, I'll hopefully get all caught up today.
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Can anyone out there recommend a site where I can do some research on stuff like head injuries, neurological disorders, brain surgery etc? I have a plot bunny nagging at me but most of my knowledge in this area comes from Chicago Hope. I've been reading up on Wikipedia but honestly I'm not sure I trust that as a source on this subject. My problem is a lot of what I'm reading is pinging my internal bullshit meter, but I don't know if I'm right or wrong about that. Psych I know; neurology I don't.

I finished the first draft of my John/Sam fic yesterday - ended up staying awake all night to get it done *yawn*. Turns out this is fic 1 in a series (meaning I got to what I thought was the end of a chapter and the story so far felt complete. I didn't reach my ending yet). I think it will be three or four fics before I get to the end, this is just the initial setup. So now I'm dithering over how to handle this one 'cause it just doesn't feel right to post it alone.

With Predator/Perspective/Protector I was fine with posting as I went along, because a) I knew what the ultimate ending was going to be; b) because Predator works as a stand-alone so I didn't feel like I was "cheating" readers and c) I started dark and knew I'd end up with a happy ending. Ish.

This one isn't like that. I know where the story is going, but I don't know, yet, how it will end. Nor even if all major characters will survive to the end. This story can be read as a stand-alone but it's very much "episode one": works better as part of the whole. And, perhaps most troubling, this series starts with the good news and is gonna get a whole lot darker as we go along. So much so that I'm honestly not sure if I'll end up killing one or more of the characters. (I already said that, didn't I?)

*sigh* I guess what I need is a fresh pair of eyes on this one. There's still some stuff to fix in my draft - details mostly, and making sure the monster stuff makes sense - so it's not really ready for a beta. But. Anyone out there feel like helping me out?
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