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My Yuletide fic is finished! And uploaded!

Actually, I did those in the wrong order; I uploaded my finished 2nd draft a week ago because that way if I went offline for some reason I wouldn't be in default. Since then I've re-watched hours of the show in order to check my fic was canon-consistent, revised and had the fic proof-read. It's done.

9,000 words.

I am done :)

And I will post an actual update about real life soon, I swear.
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My internet access was down most of last week - the week Yuletide signups were happening. I'd been dithering over whether to bother this year. I've got so many fics in progress that taking on another seemed, uh, unwise. Especially as the window to write seems to shrink every year. But when it looked like I might miss signups, I realised I really wanted to do it.

I got in just under the wire. And this morning I got my assignment. I was surprised. Not only was there a request for a fandom I offered, but another of the requests was a show I know very well. I hadn't offered it because I thought requests in that fandom would be, well, stuff I wouldn't like to write. But this gave me a choice of prompts.

When I first read the requests, I thought I would write in the fandom I didn't offer. But nine hours later I'm almost done with a first draft in the other one. Guess I got inspired. I never write this fast! (Of course, my first drafts are very rough: this will take a while to polish. But it's a fab start!)
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Thank you so much for signing up for Yuletide, and especially for offering to write one or more of my fandoms. Before you read on, I want to stress that I'm quite sure I will love any story set in one of the fandoms I requested. If you have a cool idea that doesn't seem to fit with this letter, please, go for it. If you enjoy writing it, I'll enjoy reading it.

Everything I've written below is intended to help you; if you don't find it helpful, feel free to discard it.

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