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Morgan Briarwood ([personal profile] briarwood) wrote2010-03-12 11:12 am

Ten things I assume you know about me

1. I am a woman.
It matters, you know? There are a lot of things I've doubted in my life, but this one thing doesn't change. And that's not meant to be a transphobic comment - I'm talking about me. I am comfortable in this body. I like how it works and what it does for me.

2. I am a feminist.
Do I hate men? No...but I'm not very tolerant of macho culture. Nor am I remotely tolerant of people who assume I'm stupid/less able/subservient/interested simply because I don't have a cock. Being a feminist means I get pissed off when people blame rape victims for rapists' actions. Being a feminist means I believe women are human beings with human rights. Being a feminist means I value women. Being a feminist means I value women's choices. Being a feminist means I don't care whether or not men find me pleasing to look at (see also 4). Being a feminist means I expect men to be feminists too, if they want my respect. Being a feminist means I don't give a fuck if you have a problem with me being a feminist.

3. I am single and happy that way.
I've done the serious relationship thing. It does crappy things to my psyche. Doesn't suit me. I am a whole person in myself and don't need a partner to prove it. Deal.

4. I am gay.
This is not incompatible with (3). I guess technically I'm bisexual; all my long-term sexual relationships have been with men, though I'm not, ahem, inexperienced with women. But I'm done with men (see 3) so I choose to identify as lesbian. In the unlikely event I find myself in a relationship again, it will be with a woman.

5. I am childless, and thrilled to be so.
I do not want children. I have never in my life wanted children. I think having children was the worst decision my mother ever made. I never did understand why anyone would voluntarily get pregnant. I am forced to accept that many women do, and indeed that many women seek this out as a desirable thing. But I don't get it. Frankly the whole notion squicks me out. I had the usual baby-dolls and toy prams as a little girl, but that was more about wanting a different little sister than wanting to be a mommy. Around the time I got the sex ed at school I figured out what it all meant in a practical sense and said no, no way, no how. In spite of being assured by just about every relative I have that "you'll change your mind when you're older" I never have. Am I old enough to know my own mind yet?

6. I am a cat person, but I love my dogs.
I truly am a cat person. If I lived alone, I'd have a cat. But my family has always had dogs and I am forbidden a kitten as long as I live with them. We currently have two dogs: Poppy is half Jack Russel Terrier and half Chihuahua - cute as a button and the sweetest natured dog I've ever known. She's ball-crazy and adores everyone, but she has some congenital defect in her back legs which worries us a lot. She's had surgery one one of them. Our youngest is Amber. She's a Border Terrier, but I don't think she's purebred. Amber loves to sleep and to bark (in that order and occasionally simultaneously). She loves to play but her energy comes in bursts: she'll be crazy for a few minutes, or an hour, then she'll suddenly settle down and go to sleep. She's also the fussiest eater I've ever seen.

7. I live in Wales.
Though I'm not technically Welsh (I was born in England and my ancestry is English and Irish) this is my home and I mostly love it.

8. I am anti-religion.
Though I'm a great admirer of Richard Dawkins and his ilk, I'm not actually an atheist. But I do strongly believe that religious faith should be private and not for discussion. I also believe that religion is responsible for the worst of the evils in this world, and therfore my default position tends to be the atheist, secularist and humanist position, regardless of my personal faith.

9a. I am a media fan.
I don't post as much as some about the TV shows and movies that inspire me, but fandom is my home and I suspect it always will be. My fannish loves come and go, they shift from making me happy to breaking my heart and back again but I'm still here. I am a fan. And related to that...

9b. I am a writer.
Someday the voices in my head will quit with the fanfic and let me write some original stuff. I don't lack for original ideas, it's just the fandom voices shout louder.

10. I don't do Real Person Fiction.
In fact, I don't want it near me, ever. I won't campaign against it, or suggest those who enjoy it shouldn't, but I find the whole thing deeply disturbing and prefer it to happen far away from me.