Mar. 5th, 2010

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Livejournal is hijacking links posted in journal entries. No, seriously. I am not kidding.

More info here.

Why am I still surprised by the depths to which LJ will sink?

Anyone want a Dreamwidth invite? I have several.
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Title: Negotiation (1,300 words)
Fandom: Supernatural/True Blood
Rating: All Ages (Gen)
Characters: John Winchester, Eric Northman
Warnings: Eric fans may not like this one much. See notes under the first cut-tag if you care why.
Summary: When John Winchester walked into Fangtasia, it wasn't to hunt vampires.

Notes: Written for a ficathon walks into a bar... run by [personal profile] sabinetzin. When I put down True Blood as one of my fandoms I just knew... ) So here's John Winchester, baddass demon hunter, as he might be in the world of True Blood.

A Ficathon walks into a bar...Negotiation )

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