Mar. 17th, 2010

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The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is the movie I saw last weekend; I was really keen to see it as I've recently read the book. Since the film was not made by Hollywood I thought it might be a reasonable adaption. The book has a lot going for it. It's one of those novels that is trying really hard to be feminist while failing to understand women even a little. The chapters are separated by stats about violence toward women in Sweden...and they manage to make the opposite point from that intended 'cause I'm pretty sure the stats for the UK or USA are much, much worse. This impression is not helped by the way the book was marketed in the English-speaking world: in the original Swedish, the novel is titled Men Who Hate Women. Renaming it and putting a naked girl on the cover...way to miss the point, boys. And yet there's good stuff going for it, too.

But here I'm talking about the movie. So let's begin with the story. Cut for spoilers )

Overall...I recommend the film, but with caveats. First, if you have issues with onscreen violence, you don't want to see this film. Second, it's longer than it needs to be, so some will be better off waiting for a DVD release. And third, I do recommend familiarity with the book first, although that would spoil the whodunnit that's a judgement call. But within those limits, I really enjoyed the film. 8/10.
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Poppy is home safe and sound after her surgery.

Evidently there were some complications. The vet says the damage was much worse than they thought: she pretty much had no socket left for the bone. So she basically has pins and wires holding her leg together right now. But they did successfully repair the joint.

She is all bandaged up and is very miserable about it, but the important thing is she's okay. Tomorrow she goes back and they'll replace the dressing. Then we've got eight weeks of trying to keep her quiet and rested before they try to fix the other leg.

Here, have a piccy )
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