Jan. 24th, 2011

briarwood: True Blood - Bill and Sookie from S3 promo pic (TB BillSookie S3)
I'm supposed to be writing SPN fics, but last week I couldn't write a word. Partly it was just because I'm busy - it's quarterly results time again at work. But it's more than that. I'm struggling with these fics, in different ways. The crossovers are plot issues, the others are, I guess, suffering from my intense dislike of season six.

Anyhow, last weekend I went to see Black Swan. It's an intense experience and definitely a movie I need to see again. Like Inception, there are moments when it's hard to tell whether you're in reality or fantasy or hallucination. Maybe it will be clearer on a second watch...or maybe not.

I never used to be able to write movie fanfic; I've always felt that two hours just isn't long enough to get to know characters well enough for me to write them. Heck, in most fandoms a whole season isn't enough for me. But I came out of Inception itching to write something, and I had the same experience with Black Swan.

So...it's only 300 words, give or take, and might well be the only fic I write in this fandom. But if you've seen the movie:

Perfection Gen (or f/f if you squint real hard, maybe), no warnings other than spoilers. Link goes to AO3.
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