Mar. 14th, 2011

briarwood: Supernatural: John Winchester (SPN John Waiting)
This weekend I saw The Resident, mostly because I couldn't resist the notion of Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Christopher Lee in the same movie.

It's a horror movie made by the newly revived Hammer studio. Hammer always knew how to make a horror film; the Hammer House of Horror series remains one of the best ever. But this is a new Hammer; the old talent is long gone and the name doesn't guarantee that the new talent will live up to the name. They also made Let Me In, which was very good, if not quite up to the standard of its original, Let The Right One In.

So, The Resident. First things first: it's a 15 cert in the UK which means the horror isn't too gory, the sex isn't too graphic and the swearing is minimal. For many horror afficianados, that's automatically a disappointment. For me...well, sometimes. It depends on what replaces the sex and violence.

Second, like so many films of the genre, this one is badly let down by a trailer that gives far too much away.

The opening credits are brilliant, a montage of peculiar geometry which sets up a feeling that reminded me of the New York of The Bone Collector: sinister and threatening. By contrast the plot of The Resident is fairly cliche: Cut here for the spoiler-phobic )

Verdict: JDM is always worth watching, but wait for the DVD.
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