Apr. 4th, 2011

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Few people would accuse Zack Snyder of feminism, but it was his own claim in that direction that persuaded me to give his latest, Sucker Punch, a try. I just happened to catch his interview on BBC News, when he was promoting the film. One of the things he said was that the film was about female empowerment. This from the director of 300? I did not have much hope, but I had to check it out.

Unsusprisingly, Sucker Punch is essentially a sexist pig's vision of what "female empowerment" ought to be. In other words: females have power only through their sexuality, but females who assert that power in opposition to men must be punished for it. Yeah, really. It's not even subtle about it.

The movie may technically pass the Bechdel test (two women have a conversation that's not about men) but it fails the Mo Movie Measure (which adds to the Bechdel test that both women must have names). In fact, none of the females in the movie have names except perhaps the female psychiatrist (I don't recall if she's introduced in the beginning), because the names we're given for each of the female characters are not assigned in the "reality" segment of the movie.

SPOILERS - I am going to give away the ending here, because I have to in order to make my point. )

We need stories that truly are about female empowerment. For too long Hollywood has fed us this bullshit that a woman is nothing without a man, that our highest goal is motherhood and that we need men to support and rescue us. (And that it's not rape if she's been lobotomized first.)

If Sucker Punch is meant to be a story of female empowerment, we were better off with Disney Princesses. I sure hope Zack Snyder doesn't have daughters.

On the plus side: It's visually stunning as you'd expect from this director and the layers upon layers of reality are an interesting approach. It's begging for a comparion to Inception - you come out with the same sense of never knowing what's real - but unlike Inception, you don't come out really caring about any of the characters. And the film does seem at least minimally aware of the issues I've raised; at one point a character protests about the obviously sexual roles they are expected to play. I'll give a point for that.
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I wasn't sure I'd ever get here, but I'm done. A complete first draft of my fic for this year's SPN_J2_BigBang.

It's 53,000 words total. I may end up cutting some of that when I re-write, but my revisions usually end up increasing the word count, not cutting it.

[livejournal.com profile] krazykipper this is the one with Kat in it, albeit briefly. She only has two tiny cameos, but I figured you'd want to know :) Also I ended up with a cliffhanger ending so there'll probably be a sequel, and if there is she'll have a larger role in that. Eventually.

Now all I have to do it come up with a decent summary and I can send it in to the mods.

When the World is Burning. Het, hints in the Wincest direction but nothing explicit. AU of SPN season 5. 53,000 words written.

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