Jan. 15th, 2012

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The Darkest Hour

It’s the apocalypse again! This time in Moscow.

The Darkest Hour has poor reviews and it is unquestionably not an Oscar contender. But it doesn’t pretend to be.

The plot is straightforward. On a visit to Moscow, four unrealistically attractive twenty-somethings find themselves in the middle of an alien invasion. Somewhat sensibly, they hide in the basement of a restaurant and barricade the door. When the food runs out, they decide to make a break for the US embassy and find the city in ruins, streets patrolled by deadly aliens. Thus begins their journey across the city…

Aliens invade Moscow...and only the tourists survive )
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Back to loaves of bread this week. Well, one loaf. This is from Dan Lepard's recipe for Sour cream sandwich bread. The recipe looked a bit complicated to me when I read it but it was very easy to make and the dough rose like a dream. I increased the amounts in the recipe by about 20% to fit my tin (I must buy a smaller one when I can), and this is the result.

Picture beneath the cut )
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