briarwood: "Jaffa Do It With Really Big Guns" (SG1 Tealc)
Morgan Briarwood ([personal profile] briarwood) wrote2016-04-01 12:44 pm

I wish this were an April Fool

I don't want to start work on an epic-length fanfic when I've got another one still unfinished.

I don't want to write BvS fanfic at all.

So why have I written almost 2000 words already?

Yeah, I know why. It's because my primary motivation in writing fanfic has always been to "fix it" and that movie has so very much that needs fixing. I've never written fanfic in a fandom where I'm fully satisfied with watching. I have to have something I passionately dislike as much as a whole I passionately like, or I can't get started.

Apparently BvS has engaged my passion.


I don't know if it can go anywhere. I will not post a story unless I'm sure it works, and for me that means obsessively reviewing the source. And I'm not going to add to the box office of that awful film. So unless I can find a download (and I do not illegally download movies, so that would be a first for me), I can't really do this until the DVD is out. What's that, July? But the story is begun now, so it's going to nag at me until then.

Maybe I can buy a ticket for a different movie and sneak into the wrong theatre....