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Morgan Briarwood ([personal profile] briarwood) wrote2016-07-06 08:23 pm

Alive...and writing

I swear, I'm still alive.

So way back in...what, March? I posted my review of Batman V Superman. Suffice to say I still think it's awful. Not long after, I further posted that I was writing fic about said crappy movie.

It's not that crazy. Almost every time I've got started in a fandom, my first fic has been some version of a fix-it, at least in my own mind. And there is so very much in BvS that needed fixing.

Anyway...that little story is now at 75,000 words. And not yet finished, though I'm in the home stretch.

I think it's pretty good, actually. In the process of researching and writing, I figured out why I hated BvS so much when I love the Marvel movies (except Iron Man, but that's a different thing). Marvel are comic fans and they pack their movies with "easter eggs" that devoted comic readers will love, but they don't get in the way of the plot. The bulk of the movie is for a general audience. BvS isn't. Maybe the original 4-hour version I've heard about addresses the problems, but to understand the movie they actually released you need to know a whole bunch of shit that you can only know if you're a serious DC nerd (Parademons? Injustice? The whole side-effects-of-Flash-time-travel thing? You don't just drop things like that into an already-overstuffed script and expect them to make sense). But assuming every comic fan is also a movie-goer, they make up, at most 7% of the audience a movie needs to hit the billion-dollar target, and that's assuming repeat viewings. (Yeah, I'm that person. I did the math.) So basically: Marvel got the formula right, DC didn't. At least not on that one.

But this post isn't meant to be another rant. I am going to post that story soon. It's almost there. It's like giving birth to a freaking monster here - seriously, this thing will not let me go. I've always said writing isn't a voluntary thing for me: I write to silence the voices in my head. And these have been shouting at me for months.

It was meant to be three parts - part one set immediately after Man of Steel; part two six months later; part three covering the BvS movie, but different, because what went before would change the outcome. I'm on part four now; I needed that extra to tie everything up. Not everything in the story has gone the way I originally expected. I have characters showing up who were never in the movie, I have some relationships playing out differently, and fixing things like, you know, a plot that made absolutely no sense does kinda change the plot. Or maybe that should be create one? At least my version is logical and consistent.

I need to get my hands on the movie and re-watch it a few times, and it's not released in the UK until the end of this month. But I hope to finish my first draft before then, so I can fix my fix-it after getting what I need from the film.

And I'm putting this in writing so I can't take it back! I will post this story in August.