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2016-07-25 11:24 am

Fic: The Memories That Haunt Us (0/5)

Title: The Memories That Haunt Us
Author: Morgan Briarwood
Fandom: Batman v Superman (DCU)
Wordcount: 95,000
Rating: Teen

Summary: An alternate take on how events might have unfolded after Man of Steel - three superheroes come together just in time to save the world...and each other.


Read the whole story on AO3

It's too long for LJ, but there's a copy on my Dreamwidth:

Chapter 1: In The Aftermath
In the immediate aftermath of the Battle of Metropolis, Diana Prince travels to the USA in search of Kal-El, Bruce Wayne finds his efforts to identify Superman interrupted by a horrific series of murders in Gotham, and Lois Lane helps Clark Kent make some decisions about their future.

Chatper 2: Beneath The Masks
Diana comes face-to-face with Clark Kent; Bruce Wayne takes his campaign against Superman to the next level; and Lex Luthor acquires something that threatens to expose Diana's past.

Chapter 3: Batman and Superman
An assassin targets Batman; Lois interviews Lex Luthor; and Lois's determination to interview a suspected terrorist leader ends in tragedy.

Chapter 4: One Bad Day
While Clark struggles with the consequences of his actions in Nairomi, Lex Luthor's plot to destroy the superheroes reaches its deadly conclusion.

Epilogue: Dawn of Justice
Now he knows they are out there, Bruce wants to find the other super-humans.

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