briarwood: (ZenFen Crane)
Morgan Briarwood ([personal profile] briarwood) wrote2010-03-12 10:57 am

More about LJ's latest perfidy

From the latest post in LJ News:

Last week, we became aware that a recently-implemented script was overwriting affiliate referral fees for some of our users. Once we confirmed this, our Ops team quickly removed the script. Please be aware that, while we may beta-test other affiliate scripts down the line, we will take greater measures to ensure that no existing user-referral arrangements are impacted in any way.

Read that really carefully, folks. While the recent code-f***up was a mistake and has been withdrawn, LJ plans to redirect your links to slap affiliate codes on them and make money out of them in future.

There is an opt-out, but that opt-out affects only you: when other people click on YOUR links in YOUR journal posts, LJ will make money out of them. The only "mistake" LJ are admitting to was their too-hasty implementation of this hijack stripped existing affiliate codes (which violates their own affiliate agreement with Amazon).

But hijacking your links and redirecting them through a third-party site for profit - that was the whole point of the exercise and when they figure out how to do it properly, they will.

So I repeat: does anyone want a Dreamwidth invite? I have plenty to give away.

I'm going to come to some conclusion about what to do with my own LJ shortly. But I guess I'll no longer be posting links! I refuse to give these weasels any more money, even indirectly.