briarwood: (FGT Sign)
Morgan Briarwood ([personal profile] briarwood) wrote2010-03-16 02:27 pm

Signal boost

[personal profile] liv is hosting a non-fandom friending meme over on Dreamwidth. I'm a little friending-meme shy, but in the spirit of trying to give myself more reasons to be on Dreamwidth, I signed up.

My friending-policy on DW is currently to give access to anyone who adds me, as long as you appear to be an actual person. If I've failed to give you access, it's either because I didn't get 'round to it yet (give me a day or so) or because I've mistaken you for fictional. Please feel free to correct that impression with a comment.

My friending policy on LJ is somewhat different. Anyone can add me, but I don't automatically friend back unless we've met in the flesh or exchanged comments at some time. LJ being bigger and less friendly, I'm a bit paranoid about being friended by strangers.