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Morgan Briarwood ([personal profile] briarwood) wrote2011-03-05 03:41 pm
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The Adjustment Bureau

One of the nice things about having a season ticket for the cinema, is I don't really mind wasting a few hours of my life on a terrible movie. If there's nothing showing I really want to see, I'll go see something I suspect I won't like on the theory that I might get a pleasant surprise. I also don't pay a lot of attention to who is in a movie, or who wrote or directed when I'm choosing what to see.

The Adjustment Bureau describes itself on the movie posters as "Bourne meets Inception". Which is a load of bollocks. It resembles the Bourne movies only in that it stars Matt Damon and he does a lot of running. It owes a little to Inception: that sense of reality not being quite real, but a far better comparison would be The Matrix movies. I guess they didn't risk saying that because they ripped of at least one scene directly from that movie :) Still, the movie poster description was in my mind as I watched.

But after about ten minutes, the comparison in my mind wasn't to any movie at all. It was to Supernatural. Specifically, to seasons four and five. Except without Sam or Dean or monsters. Or a cool car, or, you know, the things that make SPN good. This movie hit every single button that pissed me off in those seasons: all that crap about God's master plan and free will vs destiny. Very familiar. At one point one of the, um, not-angels makes a speech that, if it's not a clone of Michael's in The Song Remains The Same is so close it's got to be plagiarism. There was even a character who very much resembled Castiel. Well, not physically. Same dress sense, though and pretty much an identical character arc.

By the time the movie ended - and the ending, too, reminded me strongly of Supernatural's Swan Song (it even had that weird anticlimactic feel) - I was telling myself I obviously watch too much SPN. I'd started seeing it everywhere.

And then the credits rolled.

Guess what?

Associate Producer - Eric Kripke


Oddly, he's not credited at all on IMDB but I'm 99% sure I didn't hallucinate it. It certainly explains a lot.

Short version: it's a terrible plot, but much improved in the version starring Jared and Jensen.

On the subject of SPN, though: next week I get to see The Resident. JDM and Christopher Lee in the same movie! And it's made by Hammer! I am so there.