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This is a response to [ profile] thefrogg's post about consent issues in fanfic and to [ profile] theladyscribe's response in which she describes one of her own fics as possibly "dub-con" (Dubious consent).

This is a touchy subject. Here's where I have to insert my standard feminist disclaimer: I am not discussing real life. I'm discussing fanfic, and specifically sexual-fantasy fanfic. In real life, there's no such thing as "dubious consent". In real life, either informed consent exists, or it's rape. Please don't think I can't make that distinction between fiction, fantasy and reality.

Thoughts on dub-con as a fanfic kink )

Fly-by rec

Aug. 9th, 2007 07:28 am
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A fascinating discussion of bisexuality (or the lack of it) in slash fiction.

Personally, I've always written Jim and Blair as bi. Sam Winchester, too. I'm not sure about the other SPN boys. I wonder, though, if that comes across. I mean, I don't as a rule have characters declare their sexuality. Maybe y'all don't notice they're not technically gay?

A weird thought for me to start the day on.
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Just a little observation here. I don't post a lot of fic recs myself, and I really appreciate those who do. I'm not talking about folks reccing my fic, either - I mean stuff for me to read.

But if you're going to rec a story, it's a really good idea to at least give a hint what fandom it's about. It's an even better idea to include a link.

I'm just sayin'.


May. 26th, 2007 05:54 am
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Seriously, dudes, what the hell?

I've been fighting the migraine from hell for a few days; I come back and fandom's gone crazy. Not regular crazy, either. Really crazy.

Fanlib: If you're crazy enough to hand over your fan fiction to a corporation intent on profiting from it, I can't help you. It comes down to this: if they want to make money off it, they'll expect tribbers to follow their rules. The beauty of fanfic is we make up our own freaking rules and change 'em as we please. They're operating under the delusion that the fanfic community actually wants legitimacy, which makes the so-called "business model" seriously flawed. They're already going the way of - someone give me popcorn, 'cause it'll be fun to watch.

LJ is banning fandom: I've got only two words on this one: prove it. Folks, LJ do not randomly delete accounts for TOS violations. You get warnings first, requests to remove or f-lock content and so on. So if anyone has been affected by this supposed crackdown, we'd have heard about it. With links. With excruciating detail. Everyone's posting that this happened to a friend of a friend of a friend: that translates as "it's a lie". Kudos to whoever thought this one up, though: I've never seen a meme spread so fast.

My LJ will remain 90% public for the simple reason that I don't want to have to friend back everyone who wants to read my fic. My friends list is the journals I want to read regularly, and it's staying that way.

One positive outcome though: it made me glance over my LJ interests which I haven't updated in a while and I realised I actually hadn't listed Wincest. Fixed that *g*.

Oh, and the latest Pirates of the Carribean film? Cut for spoilers )
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